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We understand that moving a loved one any distance is a big deal and how important it is that you are choosing a trust-worthy partner that you feel good about.
For over a decade, we’ve taken pride in our reputation as a top-rated medical transportation company.

We’ll do everything we can to ensure you have the most safe, reliable, and exceptional experience possible

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A Premier Provider of Long Distance Medical Transportation

Secure Transport provides well-trained drivers and safe, reliable vehicles. All fleet vehicles have routine daily inspections and maintain state of the art safety equipment. Our dispatch team is polite and attentive to your transportation needs.

Customer service and monitored safety are at the forefront of our company’s culture, and our Google reviews prove this! Our employees “Go the Extra Mile” for both clients and their families. Secure Transport utilizes an “A-rated” insurance coverage that provides a high standard of liability protection. The best passenger care possible is always a priority!

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Why Secure Transport?

These differentiators are why SECURE TRANSPORT is recognized in the Kansas City Metro area as a "trusted advisor" and the top specialized non-emergency provider for clients.


SECURE TRANSPORT daily provides state of the art safety inspection measures on vehicles in place a technology-monitored safe equipment and driver process designed to ensure the utmost safety for our valued clients. The company is a leader in transportation fleet safety.


SECURE TRANSPORT is an experienced, national, and customer focused business. For more than ten years, SECURE TRANSPORT has provided a convenient, personable, and quality experience that considers the comfort of each special individual and family need.


SECURE TRANSPORT provides a high end "A-rated" insurance coverage that includes comprehensive liability, accidents and unforeseen circumstances allowing clients to have a comfortable peace of mind.


SECURE TRANSPORT is a highly responsive, one-stop destination including a technology-driven billing and dispatch system (Para Plan) and driver evaluation program (NAUTO), designed to result in positive quality outcomes.


SECURE TRANSPORT maintains the highest standard of personal security for clients. It is a specialized controlled transportation service.


SECURE TRANSPORT drivers receive the most up to date training in the industry and are well prepared to manage their vehicles, emergency responses, and handle any situations that may occur. Drivers are W-2 employees, not contracted, a model designed to protect clients. They are working toward becoming certified as NEMTAC Transportation Specialists.


SECURE TRANSPORT provides an up-to-date fleet and well-trained drivers. The company prides itself on being ready at all times to "go the extra mile". It is why the trusted advisor statement reads "Trust us... We Care!"


SECURE TRANSPORT specializes in same day or long-term schedules designed to meet client needs in a cost accountable manner without sacrificing the high quality of the company performance standards.

A Small Sample of Our Glowing Testimonials

"My mother was battling melanoma and her appointment schedule seemed crazy. Secure Transport was used each time and they were amazing. They took such care and concern in handling her and were so amazingly accommodating to her needs. Having used them so frequently, it was nice to see the same friendly face each time. Not only did they look after her but it felt as though they even looked after those accompanying her during those long appointments. While I hope to never require their services in the future, I have to say they made an impression and will be the ones to call on in the event such services are needed for my family again. THANK YOU for your kind and gentle nature-I appreciated it and I know my mom did too!"
Transportation Client
(Identity Kept Private)
"I believe they have the best customer service. Their staff at dispatch are always friendly and accommodating and their drivers are prompt and also friendly to our patients. I can’t thank this company enough for their professionalism and amazing staff!! I recommend them to everyone."
Ronda Heim Mckinney
"I am an Admissions & Marketing Coordinator for a skilled nursing facility located in Kansas City, Missouri. We use Secure for almost all of our transport needs, and never have I ever had a bad experience. They’re always helpful and professional. Crystal, Josh, and Yessie specifically have always done an outstanding job at meeting our needs, and transporting our patients in a safe and timely manner. I’d recommend them to anyone."
DeNesha Thornton

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